Media & Press Coverage

  • June 2018 Business Wire

    ⚠️ Media Alert: Congressman Frank Pallone Jr’s Anti-Robocall Legislation Event to be Held at RoboKiller’s Robocall Revenge Headquarters

  • May 2018

    How to stop robocalls for good

  • May 2018 WSB-TV 2 Atlanta

    Tired of robocalls? The game changing app that helps you avoid them

  • April 2018 KFDA 10 Amarillo (CBS)

    Robocall rampage: How you can block them

  • April 2018 WIS 8 COLUMBIA (NBC)

    Sweet revenge: App will let you prank phone scammers, spammers with funny recordings

  • April 2018 WENY

    Robo-Revenge: One Company's Effort To Stop Your Phone From Ringing

  • April 2018 KFSN 30 Fresno (ABC)

    New app turns your phone into a fortress against robocalls

  • April 2018 WTNH 8 (ABC)

    Prevention for Receiving Robocalls Similar to Your Phone Number

  • March 2018 KXLY Spokane

    Phone app gets revenge on scammers, robocalls

  • March 2018 Lifehacker

    Waste Phone Scammers' Time Instead of Yours With RoboKiller

  • March 2018 WTAE 4 Pittsburgh

    App blocks robocalls, allows consumers to get revenge against scammers

  • March 2018 Don't Waste Your Money

    Tired Of Telemarketers And Robocalls? This App Stops Them In Their Tracks—And Plays Games With Them

  • March 2018 ABC 7 Denver

    Want to get revenge on telemarketers? This app will tell callers they've won a cruise

  • March 2018 Florida Today

    Answer or ignore? Robocall 'epidemic' worsens, and Florida's a prime target

  • March 2018 Observer

    How to Take Revenge on Those Shady Robocallers That Use Your Area Code

  • March 2018 Univision Noticiero

    ¿Cansado de recibir llamadas automatizadas? Una app promete terminar con estas molestias

  • February 2018 ABC World News Tonight

    New app released can help stop 'robo-calls'

  • February 2018 WRSP Fox Illinois

    New app aims to block robocalls and seeks revenge for you

  • February 2018 ABC7NY

    New app aims to stop robocalls and scammers from calling you

  • February 2018 WCPO Cincinnati (ABC)

    App helps you get revenge on robocallers

  • February 2018 LEX 18 (NBC)

    LEX 18 Original: Robocalls: Find The Best Way To Fight Back

  • February 2018 KOMU Mid-Missouri (NBC)

    TARGET 8: "Answer Bots" wasting spammers' time through innovative app

  • February 2018 ABC8 WRIC

    Robo Revenge: 8News investigates how you can take on robocallers

  • February 2018 ABC7 San Francisco

    7 On Your Side: How to stop annoying spam calls

  • January 2018 ABC7 Chicago

    7 On Your Side: How to stop annoying spam calls

  • December 2017 Online Threat Alerts

    RoboKiller - This App Doesn’t Just Block Robocalls, It Wastes Their Time

  • November 2017 ABC Baltimore

    How to give robo callers a taste of their own medicine

  • October 2017 WBRC Birmingham

    On Your Side Investigation: Robokiller app

  • August 2017 Ars Technica

    Junk call nightmare flooded woman with hundreds of bizarre phone calls a day

  • May 2017 New York Times

    Robocalls Flooding Your Cellphone? Here’s How to Stop Them

  • August 2015 Engadget

    FTC names its $25,000 counter-robocall contest winner

  • August 2015 Federal Trade Commision

    FTC Awards $25,000 Top Cash Prize for Contest-Winning Mobile App That Blocks Illegal Robocalls

  • August 2015 Consumerist

    App Called RoboKiller Takes Top Prize In FTC’s Anti-Robocall Contest

  • August 2015 Ars Technica

    RoboKiller wins FTC prize by annihilating robocalls

  • September 2015 USA Today

    RoboKiller App: How You Can Get It For FREE

  • August 2015 NBC News

    RoboKiller: Developers of App That Quashes Robocalls Win $25K from FTC

  • August 2015 Fox News

    RoboKiller Is a New Weapon to Fight Robocalls

  • August 2015 ABC News

    How RoboKiller App Filters Out Pesky Phone Calls